The Essential Dos & Don’ts of Home Cleaning

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What house cleaning rules do you know? When you notice grime around your home, you just buy and use products from the store, right? Well, housekeeping is much more than that. If you don’t use the right approach, you can make a huge mess. Not to mention what could happen if you applied the wrong chemical.

Fortunately, some golden house-cleaning rules can make a real difference in your house maintenance and protect your safety at home. Professionals from Manhattan Beach, CA, who offer maid services in the area, reveal 14 crucial housekeeping dos and don’ts to you today. Read on!

What are the do and don’ts of cleaning?What are the do and don'ts of cleaning?

Household maintenance is more complex than most people think. Stain removal sometimes proves challenging, and the number of germs, dust mites, and allergens isn’t easy to control. That’s why we compiled 14 essential house cleaning dos and don’ts that can take your home hygiene to the next level, making you more efficient and safe.

House cleaning dos:

  1. Purchase exclusively EPA-approved cleaning products. This way, you’ll be sure no hazardous substances enter your home.
  2. Read the labels carefully to learn how store-bought products are used safely and properly.
  3. Double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations whenever you have doubts about handling some surfaces around your home. Some can be rather delicate, and the wrong cleaning approach can ruin them.
  4. Wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves, facemasks, and safety gloves. This will secure your safety while cleaning, especially if you’re handling harsh chemicals or tackling dusty areas, such as your attic
  5. Make sure to wipe surfaces with soap and warm water before spraying a disinfectant. This two-step procedure is essential because soap doesn’t kill germs, and disinfectants don’t remove stains. Also, grimy surfaces may reduce the efficacy of disinfectants.
  6. Deal with high-touch areas daily. These include switches, handles, door knobs, remote controls, etc. This will prevent germs from multiplying.
  7. Deep clean your kitchen appliances more frequently than you think. For instance, your coffee machine reservoir is a real hotbed of microbes, so you need to tend to it at least every two weeks adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, your dishwasher and washing machine deserve a baking soda and white vinegar treatment once a month.

House cleaning don’ts:

  1. You shouldn’t use feather dusters or brooms because they stimulate the circulation of dust mites and other allergens. Use damp microfiber cloths and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter instead. However, if you need to remove larger debris from your garage, sweep with a broom before using the vacuum cleaner to avoid clogging.
  2. Never mix chemicals, as this can release toxic fumes.
  3. Don’t forget to keep the area well-ventilated, primarily if you use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or other dangerous chemicals.
  4. Don’t use white vinegar for every cleaning challenge. White vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent, but it’s acidic. It can damage some delicate surfaces, such as marble.
  5. Never use baking soda for hardwood floors, as it can mar the outer protective layer. 
  6. Don’t start wiping randomly, as you can spread dirt from grimy areas to already cleaned ones. Apply the top-to-bottom approach, which boosts your efficiency as you won’t need to re-address any surfaces.
  7. Don’t wipe cleaning products or disinfectants immediately. Each of them needs time to cut through the dirt or kill germs. So be patient.

Where in Manhattan Beach, CA, can I find reputable maid services for my home?

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