The Essential History of Home Cleaning Services

What is the history of housekeepingWhat do you think about house cleaning? What a tedious task, isn’t it? You’d rather hire a Studio City-based maid service to spruce up your house than grab a microfiber cloth and wipe greasy surfaces yourself. But do you know when this practice of hiring others to tidy up your home started?

Housekeeping is a thriving industry with a long and dynamic history. It’s as old as civilization itself. Would you like to learn more about it? Check out the article below!  

What is the history of housekeeping?

The history of housekeeping began with the origin of the first civilizations, when people became wealthy enough to hire others to take care of their homes. Remember the movies showing numerous servants working in the place of an Egyptian pharaoh or a Roman emperor? 

They showed historically accurate details of their lives. However, these servants were mainly enslaved people without any rights. If we take a look at recent history, the term maid pops up. Since the Middle Ages, maids have served as pillars of hygiene for most middle- and upper-class households.

This term means a female servant employed in luxurious palaces, castles, and estates. It comes from the word maiden, which signifies a young and single woman whose main life preoccupation was to serve her employer. 

Typically, a maid wasn’t permitted to get married and lived within her employer’s property, where she was provided with clothing and food. She would usually spend her entire life working for her employer and following rigid work etiquette.

Maids were in charge of the household maintenance and performed many chores to ensure everything ran smoothly. They were expected to follow strict rules and each maid knew her scope of duties.

But then came the Industrial Revolution, the First World War, and women’s suffrage. Women started turning their backs on the housekeeping profession as they learned they could have equal rights as men. Many decided to continue their education and wanted to find other jobs and pursue different careers, so the house cleaning industry was on the decline.

However, the housekeeping industry has recently undergone a significant change. It’s gaining popularity again with more and more cleaning companies emerging. These companies either employ their own cleaners or match their clients with reliable professionals.

The growth is pretty impressive. Over the last decade, the cleaning industry in the U.S. has grown an average of 6.6% per year. Some estimates even forecast that the sector will increase by 10% by 2026.

But this comeback introduced many modifications into the industry. Professional cleaners aren’t only women anymore and are definitely not confined to their employers’ households.

This boom is attributed to modern people’s lifestyles. Today, men and women want to focus on their careers and don’t want to waste their free time scrubbing their floors.

That’s why they choose to outsource their upkeep chores to experts who are highly qualified to carry out the tasks safely and efficiently. And many cleaning companies or referral agencies can provide true professionals in the field.

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