Basics to Inspire Your Children to Tidy Their Rooms

It has always been difficult to get your kids to tidy their rooms. A war almost, that parents and children alike wage on a daily basis. However, there are ways to make your children actively participate in the cleaning process. Seasoned veterans involved in housekeeping Los Angeles are happy to share their experience.

Let them know their room is their castle

The first thing to do when trying to get your children to tidy their room is this – make them realize that their room is their own personal space. Do not just say it though, do it. Give them a bit more freedom when it comes to making design choices concerning their room. By letting them personalize it to their liking, it is far more likely they will keep it as tidy as possible. Give them some tips on how to do so – adorning boxes, painting shelves, buying new sheets… Even allowing them to buy decorative trinkets and knick-knacks can go a long way.

Explain what makes a clean room

More often than not, kids need to be told what to do and how to do it. And it is completely normal. In order for your children to really understand what it means to keep their room neat and tidy, you have to explain it first. Try making a list of all the chores they are expected to do. It is much easier this way, because kids tend to forget. And if they do, they have something to refer to.

In the door, out the door

It’s quite easy, really. To prevent your children from cluttering their room with unnecessary things, establish this simple rule. For every item the child wants to put in their room, something needs to come out. And there is no need to throw unneeded items away. By giving toys or clothes to your local Goodwill store, you teach your children about a lot more than just tidiness. This helps develop a sense of pride in helping those less fortunate. You can make exceptions for things dear to your children. Just avoid the classic pitfall of every item being special.


But only in the beginning! It is good to be a role model, but do not let your children take advantage of that. By initially showing them how to properly clean their room, and then having them do more and more chores on their own, the benefits are twofold. First, you spend less time doing what your children should be doing. And second, they get to feel like capable individuals without you constantly hovering over their heads.

Bigger kids, bigger problems?

Not necessarily. The trick to making older kids clean their room is that there isn’t any. They need and want their independence, and you would be wise to respect that to a normal extent. Just make sure they realize that their room is now their own responsibility, and that it is not your problem if they have trouble finding clean clothes in that pile on the floor. Sit back and enjoy as they search for the washing machine instruction manual.

Professional house cleaners can help you immensely

If it all becomes a bit much, it is good to know there is somebody you can turn to. Maid This! is the leader when it comes to house cleaning services in Los Angeles. We also love kids, ask anyone! Call us when they’ve had enough, because we are happy to pick up the slack.

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