11 Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

What mistakes should I avoid when cleaning my bathroomYour bathroom needs some TLC, but you don’t know where to begin. There are so many inconspicuous areas to deal with. But don’t fret. You aren’t the only one experiencing this. Bathroom cleaning tends to be challenging for many people.

That’s why we talked with Malibu-based professionals who offer cleaning services in the neighborhood, and they highlighted what mistakes to avoid while scrubbing your bathroom. Keep reading to find out more!

What mistakes should I avoid when cleaning my bathroom?

Bathroom maintenance is a serious task and deserves a comprehensive and well-thought-out plan. Otherwise, you can easily do more harm than good.

Just think of mold, bacteria, and viruses that could thrive there if you don’t wipe and disinfect surfaces properly. A grimy bathroom influences your health, causing physical and mental harm. 

So, for a spotless bathroom, try not to make the following mistakes:

  1. Don’t wipe randomly. The top-to-bottom approach produces optimal results as you won’t be transferring dirt from grimy surfaces to those you’ve just addressed. 
  2. Never use a disinfectant for cleaning purposes. Every surface needs to be washed first and then disinfected. 
  3. Don’t use the same sponge/microfiber cloth for all surfaces. This stimulates germ spread, transferring pathogens from your toilet to the sink and bathtub, and so on.
  4. Never wipe surfaces immediately after applying a disinfectant. EPA emphasizes the significance of dwell time, i.e., the amount of time a disinfectant needs to stay in contact with the surface to neutralize microbes.
  5. Avoid abrasive agents for your ceramics and tiles. These can scratch the finish. Instead, use dish soap and warm water or a product specially designed for these delicate surfaces.
  6. Don’t use white vinegar for marble tiles or acrylic and enamel bathtubs. White vinegar is an excellent DIY solution, but its acidity can ruin these materials.
  7. Never mix bleach and ammonia as this can release toxic fumes that can be fatal. Also, don’t combine bleach and vinegar. A rule of thumb: never mix bleach with anything.
  8. Don’t follow the “out of sight, out of mind philosophy.” If you don’t see germs and dirt, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. So go behind the toilet, disinfect the toilet brush and its holder, wipe the top of the cabinets, deal with hair catchers and bathtub stoppers, etc.
  9. Don’t neglect your shower curtain and the liner, as they can be a breeding ground for all kinds of molds and germs. 
  10. Don’t return the toilet brush to its holder immediately after scrubbing the toilet with it. Make sure to wash it, dry it, and disinfect it. Otherwise, you’ll stimulate the circulation of dangerous viruses and bacteria.
  11. Don’t forget to ventilate the room while using various products. When you feel their strong fragrance, you’re probably overwhelmed with a sense of achievement because this means the room is sanitary. But this smell isn’t beneficial to your health as it can cause a lot of damage to your nerves and lungs. Proper ventilation is essential.

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