6 Unusual & Interesting Facts About Cleaning

Did you know these facts about cleaning

Do you think that dusting, wiping, and mopping around your home are tedious and time-consuming? It’s why homeowners turn to professional house cleaning services from Studio City to keep their living space tidy.

But, no matter what you think about it, house maintenance is a crucial part of your life. Here are some fun facts about cleaning that can change your perspective. Read on!

Did you know these facts about cleaning?

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House cleaning is time-consuming and exhausting, and no one really likes it. However, did you know that Americans spend 87% of their time indoors? A tidy house isn’t only a matter of aesthetics; it influences our health too.

Here are some little-known cleaning facts that will inspire you to keep your house pristine all the time.

1. Cleaning is an excellent workout.

When you clean, you burn calories. A two-hour cleaning session can burn 200 calories. If you mop for an hour, you can burn up to 153 calories. 

Some tasks require more elbow grease, so you shed calories faster. For instance, if you scrub the tub for 15 minutes, you can burn 90 calories.

So, next time you need to spruce up your house, think of it as a gym session and turn some music on to give you an extra burst of energy.

2. Dead skin cells comprise approximately 70-80% of dust particles. 

This fact means that personal hygiene is connected to the tidiness of your house. Also, ensure to stop the circulation of these invisible threats by regularly changing your bedding and dusting the surfaces.

If you have pets, you’ll have to dust, vacuum, and mop more frequently, as pet dander can lower the air quality and cause allergic reactions. 

3. The bathroom isn’t the dirtiest room in your house. It’s the kitchen.

The kitchen is the busiest area in your household. Just imagine how much food and how many people circulate there. No wonder it can quickly become a hotbed of various bacteria and viruses.

Tending to its every corner is vital for your family’s well-being as you want to prevent cross-contamination. Make sure to wipe cutting boards, countertops, and inside the fridge, to name just a few tricky areas.

Also, wash your hands before and after preparing the food, and don’t let your trash can overflow with garbage. This is a magnet for rodents and insects.

4. Toilet seats contain fewer germs than kitchen sinks.

Just think of what you use your sink for, and it’ll be clear why it’s the most germ-ridden area in your household.  And the only way to get rid of dangerous microbes is to clean the kitchen sink regularly.

The safest way to do it is to use baking soda and white vinegar. First, spread baking soda over the sink and rub it with a soft sponge. Then, pour white vinegar over the entire sink and wait. There’s going to be a fizzing reaction. Once it stops, rinse thoroughly.

5. Doorknobs are one of the most contaminated surfaces in your home.

How many times do you and other people touch the doorknobs in your house? You can’t even count. This is what makes doorknobs a breeding ground for numerous pathogens. So disinfecting them is essential in establishing a healthy home environment.

6. House cleaning is a thriving industry.

House cleaning has a lengthy history, but recently it’s experienced a real boom.  According to some statistics, the cleaning industry has grown at an average rate of 6.6 percent annually over the last decade. Some estimates predict that the cleaning industry will increase by 10 percent by 2026.

All this has led to clearly defined standards and terms that refer to numerous cleaning techniques and services.

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Did you know these facts about cleaning

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