Biggest Spring Cleaning Myth Debunked

Imagine living in the 1800s in a house with a huge fireplace and lots of kerosene lamps. After the cold season, your house would be coated with a thick layer of soot and grime. So, once the weather became warmer, you would open your windows, launder drapes, take your rugs outside to beat and wash them, wipe down all surfaces, clean linens and upholstery. You would spring clean your house! 

In addition to this practical side, spring cleaning has been a religious ritual in many cultures all over the world, too. So, this practice has a long history.

Today, the term is usually associated with any sort of heavy cleaning. It includes addressing areas in your house you usually skip in your regular cleaning routine. And, since mold, dust, and allergens can easily find places to hide, it is crucial for a healthy home environment.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a housekeeper for your home in Burbank, there is one myth about spring cleaning that needs to be debunked. Keep reading to find out more! 

When should you spring clean your house?

Myth: Spring cleaning is done only once a year 

When should you spring clean your house

With your modern home full of appliances, stylish furniture, drapes, and carpets, you actually need to detail-clean your living space more often than just once a year. And to make everything even more complicated: some spaces in your home need deep cleaning more frequently than others. 

Several factors come into play here, from the frequency of use to foot traffic and the presence of food or moisture. Also, kids and pets can make a huge difference as well as your bad cleaning habits. In other words, it’s best to take a critical, tailored, and room-specific approach to in-depth cleaning.

For instance, you should deep clean your coffee maker, microwave oven, and garbage disposal once a month. And, as the warm, moist environment of your bathroom is ideal for the growth of fungus and bacteria, you’ll need to deep clean it weekly to keep it hygienic and fresh. But you can rest assured, there are some chores you could do only once a year: freshening up your mattresses, washing your outdoor furniture, to name just a few.

So, when it comes to the question of when or how often you should spring clean your house, there is no final answer. Every home is different, and you need to observe all the above factors and schedule deep cleaning sessions accordingly. 

How do I start spring cleaning my house?

So, you’ve decided to spring clean your house? But you are not sure where to begin? Well, like everything in life, spring cleaning requires a proper strategy. This isn’t a chore you can conquer one day after work. It is an ambitious project, especially if your days are too packed with other obligations, and you don’t have time to clean frequently. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Tip #1: Before you actually get down to work, you need to look around you and figure out which areas require deep cleaning the most. When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your fridge? What about your washing machine and carpets? 

Tip #2: Before plunging in, make sure to get rid of any distractions. Turn off your phone, clear your schedule, and stay focused on the task at hand. It’s also a useful idea to declutter first and clean second, as the mess could make the cleaning harder on you.

Tips #3: Get all the necessary cleaning supplies ready beforehand. You wouldn’t want to get off to a bad start by realizing that you’re missing a crucial piece of equipment and that you have to run to the store.

So, devise a feasible plan with all the tasks to be covered. You’ll find it easier to stay on track from start to finish. 

Where can I find a reliable housekeeper in Burbank and the area? 

How do I start spring cleaning my house

Maintaining your home neat and tidy can be a daunting task indeed. Especially if you have limited time and resources. But no need to worry! This is where we jump in. At MaidThis, we boast carefully vetted cleaners who have passed our 5-step screening process. They are truly meticulous about every cleaning challenge, and they’ll know how to eliminate the dirt in your home professionally. 

So, take a carefree walk or go shopping with a friend in Burbank Town Center while we treat your home with the utmost care. Don’t hesitate to reach out! We will be happy to do the job for you!

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