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The Importance of a Clean Bedroom

If you think about it, your bedroom is likely the room where you spend the most time. Beyond sleeping there, you probably spend time in your bedroom doing things like reading, watching TV, studying, and interacting with your partner. Given the time you spend there, the room probably gets dirtier and messier than other rooms.

To avoid the anxiety that a dirty and messy bedroom might cause you, you should clean the room regularly. If you don’t have time to do this, you can always hire a professional bedroom cleaning company like MaidThis.

When they clean a bedroom, our maids of Wilmington will typically provide services like furniture dusting, wiping walls and wall hangings, cleaning internal window coverings, bed making, and floor cleaning.

At a minimum, MaidThis Wilmington recommends that you get a bedroom deep cleaning once a month might make more sense with regular cleanings in between to maintain a fresh and tidy space. Experience the relief of more free time and a brighter mood with MaidThis. Schedule your bedroom cleaning today!

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Long List of Satisfied Clients

Taisha Husbands
Taisha Husbands
This was my first time using a professional cleaning service and I am so happy with the results!! Thank you to Kemo for being so detailed oriented, speedy, and professional!
Zee Indica
Zee Indica
So impressed with the cleaning standards particularly Ray he was outstanding, punctual and very thorough with his cleaning skills he done an absolutely fantastic job. I would most definitely recommend him he was quick efficient and very professional.
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey
Kemo came to our place and did a fantastic job! My wife and I were working from home and with no interruptions got the job done. I'd recommend Kemo to anyone
Eve Spencer
Eve Spencer
Andre and Len helped me with the MOST incredibly thorough quotes out of the other great companies I talked to!!! Greatly greatly looking forward to our first cleaning!!
Janet Couste
Janet Couste
I have a new housekeeper. Summer started cleaning for me a couple weeks ago. She is a very good cleaner. She doesn’t have to be told what to do. She just pitches in and cleans. She is always on time.
David Galindo
David Galindo
I have used MaidThis for years now , to handle turnover cleanings at my short term rental. They have always been professional, responsive and reliable
Allesondra Helwig
Allesondra Helwig
I recently had my first cleaning with Onixi, and she was great. On time, very professional, came home to a clean home. She had great attention to detail and was thorough with all the tasks I asked from her. Looking forward to having her come back on a monthly basis. And, the Maid This service team has been very attentive to ensure customer satisfaction, which has been very appreciated.
Nick Stumpf
Nick Stumpf
Well-run business with great, friendly, professional staff on both the cleaning and admin sides, user-friendly system and excellent communication and customer service. Recommended.
jaime alarcon
jaime alarcon
Absolutely fantastic service. Couldn’t be more happy.
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Offering Several Bedroom Cleaning Solutions

As you might expect, we always include professional bedroom cleaning as part of our comprehensive home cleaning packages. That includes our weekly and monthly standard packages as well as our deep cleaning packages.

If it would better suit your needs, you can always hire us for a targeted standard or deep cleaning bedroom service. You can hire us for a one-time cleaning. However, it might be better to enlist this service weekly or monthly. We would be happy to quote you an hourly rate that gives you control over your bedroom cleaning costs.

The Jobs Our Bedroom Cleaning Service Handles

Walls and baseboards

Caring for faucets and knobs and pulls

Removing fingerprints and marks throughout the room

Bringing a shine to appliances

Wipe countertops to remove crumbs and food stains

Change bed linens and make the bed

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Bedroom Deep Cleaning is Necessary

Regular bedroom cleanings are what’s needed to ensure your bedroom feels clean and smells fresh from day to day. However, dirt and dust like to hide in places that typically get missed or avoided during regular cleanings. That’s why we highly recommend monthly cleanings.

A deep cleaning program would target the dust and dirt that accumulates under the bed and other pieces of furniture, including furniture cushions. Such programs also tackle clutter issues that occur in bedroom corners, drawers, and closets. The advantage our cleaners have when deep cleaning is access to vacuum attachments that can get at those hard-to-reach areas. Experience the relief of more free time and a brighter mood with MaidThis.

I’m convinced, and I want your help to clean my bedroom. What now?

Reach out to a MaidThis representative for assistance or conveniently book an appointment through our user-friendly online booking form!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process of cleaning a bedroom from top to bottom?

When cleaning any room, it’s always a good idea to start at the back of the room and clean towards the door. In a bedroom, you should start by cleaning walls and anything hanging on the walls. Next up would be bed making, furniture dusting, and finally floor cleaning.

What is the difference between standard cleaning vs deep cleaning?

A standard cleaning service would typically include basic chores like furniture dusting, polishing, scrubbing bathrooms and the kitchen, cleaning appliances, and floor cleaning. A deep cleaning service would include standard chores, plus extra chores that target the hard-to-reach places where dirt and grime like to hide.

How do you clean bedroom walls?

When cleaning painted bedroom walls and baseboards, you have to be careful. Why? Some cleaning chemicals will damage the paint and wall coverings. The best wall-cleaning options would be using a feather duster to remove cobwebs and a damp cleaning cloth to remove dirt.