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You Get More Than Full-Service Reliable Cleaning

We send you cleaning experts who are experienced and trustworthy. They report to work on time, complete a thorough job according to the package you ordered, and treat you and your belongings with respect. Your team of move out cleaners are locally hired and trained. As your go-to cleaning company, we offer you choices and flexibility so you can direct your attention to other matters.






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Setting Up Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services Is Easy

The process is smooth as cream. You can choose from different packages customized for your unique needs. Get the greatest value for your dollar with hourly work: the most successful arrangements allow 1 hour of cleaning time for every 300 square feet.

Book your preferred service in seconds

Call us at 910-838-6033 to start maid service or to adjust the arrangements. You can also schedule your visit online with our easy-to-use booking form.

Trust your cleaners to do a speedy and thorough job

Your move out cleaning services will always leave you with a sparkling house. In a short time, they’ll transform it into an attractive, safe, and healthful living space.

Celebrate all of your free time!

Don’t be burdened by housekeeping over and over — let us add years to your years with extra free time to do whatever you need whenever you need it!

Our 5-Step Screening Process for Cleaners

MaidThis Cleaning of Wilmington strictly screens its applicants so you get the best of the best. Only 2% of all applicants successfully meet our high-quality standards.

We protect you and your property by ensuring that only reputable personnel work for you.


The First Screening

Applicants start out demonstrating their ability to read and follow directions by filling out a detailed online form which is then reviewed by the hiring team.


The Phone Evaluation

Workers who pass the first step move on to a phone interview. We learn more about their professional experience, their people skills, and their ability to listen.


Meeting Face-to-Face

Meeting in person reveals a lot about people’s personalities. The office interview allows us to observe their professional appearance, body language, and interaction with others.


Preparing to Join the Team

Applicants who make it this far are on the right track. They attend an orientation and company training to learn more about working for MaidThis Cleaning Wilmington.


The Critical Final Step

No matter how much skill and charm they show, all potential maids must pass a thorough background check to prove they’ve told us the truth about their history. Your safety is important.

Why Choose Us for Move Out Cleaning in Wilmington, NC?

Choose us because our company is top-rated nationwide! Each MaidThis franchise hires talented people from your community who know about local weather, traffic patterns, and other factors that guarantee individualized service you can count on. we work hard to be your regular go-to cleaning agency whether you need move in/move out cleaning, deep cleaning, or quick sprucing up.

Streamlined Process Start-to-Finish

Making your property sparkle isn’t the only way we excel! Our proven system is designed to make your life stress-free in any way possible, including adjusting your schedule for move out cleaning services when necessary. You get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Easy Booking

Making a cleaning appointment is quick. Use the online booking form with a few clicks, or call us at 910-838-6033. We find a local cleaner for you and follow up with automated reminders. We believe in open communication so rescheduling visits is hassle-free.

Secure Payment System

You won’t be charged until services are completed so that we know you’re satisfied with the results. Part of our safety protocol includes protecting all financial transactions.




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We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy — For Real!

How do we make sure you’re happy? You always get personalized services from screened professionals with transparency at every stage of the process. You never get any hidden fees, either. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know so we can do what it takes to make things right. After all, you need more than trustworthy move out cleaning in wilmington nc — your package includes peace of mind. First time and every time.

Please note: Our promise of transparency means keeping you informed that maid service won’t include these tasks:

Wiping light fixtures and bulbs: Electrical attachments and fragile glass are more safely taken care of by the property owner.

Moving heavy furniture: Bulky furniture requires special handling to avoid causing injury to workers and damage to your property.

Wall cleaning: Paint and wall coverings are surprisingly delicate, and become more so as time passes.

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