5 Tips for Writing a Killer Airbnb Description

5 Tips for Writing a Killer Airbnb Description from MaidThis.com

We’ve written in the past about the importance of choosing the right photo for your Airbnb listing. While a picture says a thousand words, you’ll still need a killer description if you want to attract the right guests. 

If you’re not sure what makes for a good Airbnb description, don’t worry. Here are our 5 top tips. 


1. Make the title catchy.

When a potential guest is searching for a vacation rental, they could be scrolling through hundreds of similar properties in a certain area. Make sure yours stands out right from the search results page with a catchy title that will make them want to click. 

Your title should be descriptive and let potential guests know what to expect. Instead of just writing “San Francisco condo,” be specific about neighborhoods, nearby attractions, or features that your property has to offer. 


2. Emphasize what makes you unique. 

Chances are, many properties in your area offer similar benefits in terms of home size and location. You’ll need to emphasize your own unique selling points in order to beat out the competition. 

You might want to point out a specific amenity you offer, nearby attractions, the size of the yard, pools or jacuzzis, or anything else that might appeal to a potential guest. 

If there’s nothing unusual about the property itself, you can create a unique selling point by going above and beyond. Include gaming consoles for guests to play, provide equipment for outdoor recreation, throw in passes to local activities, or feature other bonuses that will entice guests to book. 


3. Know your audience. 

If you try to cast too wide a net with your target audience, you might not end up attracting anyone. It’s better to be specific when writing an Airbnb description so you can win over the type of guest that’s most likely to book. 

For example, if your property is a big house with a yard, you don’t want to target couples looking for a romantic getaway. Mentioning family-friendly activities in the area is likely to be much more persuasive to your potential guests. 


4. Keep it short and sweet. 

Many people don’t have the patience to read a wall of text. If all your information is crammed into a single, long paragraph, people might close out of your listing before they even see what you have to offer. 

Consider the fact that many potential guests will be looking through multiple properties before making a booking decision. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out what they need from your listing, even if they’re just skimming.

Use strategic formatting like paragraph breaks to make your description easy to read. If there is any really relevant information that a guest should know before booking, or something you think is sure to wow them, put it near the beginning of your listing so they won’t miss it. 


5. Answer the FAQs.

If your guest has questions about your property, they probably won’t reach out to you unless they’re really serious about booking it. That means you might be losing out on more casual browsers if you don’t include all the information they need up-front. Anticipate everything your guests will want to know about your property and include it in your listing. 


You don’t have to be a professional writer when writing an Airbnb description for your listing – it’s all about the strategy. By keeping a potential guest’s needs in mind, you can create a description that targets your ideal audience and converts their browsing to bookings. 


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